Why I Took The Leap

Hello Blogosphere. My name is J.D. Brandon sole owner, founder, and CEO of Cartisements.com LLC. Not a first time blogger, or even public figure, but I am a first time blogger about business and business ownership. (Why does this post feel like I’m at an AA meeting?)



My intentions for starting this blog are manifold. First, I want to teach other young entrepreneurs that starting a business is not this giant impossibility or otherwise unattainable goal out of reach for us youngsters. This is a blog for those of us who can remember what it is like to have a negative checking account balance, those of us who have no idea what a trust fund is, and for those of us who our best connection is our neighbor Joe who “knows this guy”. 

Secondly I have started this blog to catalog my journey from lower middle class kid to even lower and perpetually poor college student, (who would bartend from 7PM to 4AM and wake up for class at 8AM), to college graduate and finally successful business owner.

And finally this is a blog to shamelessly promote my business. (That’s one thing you’ll realize about me if you continue to read my blog. I’m brutally honest. Which I believe has had a role in my success)

That being said. Check out Cartisements.com. ^_^


I’m 25. I graduated from the University of Georgia a little over two years ago, with degrees in History, English, and International Affairs. My mother is a teacher and my father is a hospital administrator. My first job was working at Subway as a sandwich artiste at age 15 (yes I added the E, I really did become quite deft at making sandwiches… a skill which I still utilize and brag about today). I made 5.15 an hour. Since then I’ve worked such jobs as a warehouse employee (I was 130 pounds they called me lead britches because I often lifted things more then my own weight), Chik-Fil-A Fry Cook (Oh.. I’m sorry you wanted HOT fries? What was I thinking when I made that last batch! Sure…my pleasure), Waiter (15 cents on a 50 dollar bill? Why thank you sire! *bows*), bouncer and bartender (so many stories on this one), and a multitude of random, and albeit slowly higher paying jobs.

More recently I managed a law firm, and have worked in the financial industry as an official peon, or serf/peasant, whichever you prefer.

Now I run an ever growing business, have filed a utility patent on a unique business process, and I run a business where sales have recently been topping expectations, even our own.

Oh… and I’m extremely sarcastic. And I believe that satire is not just something that happens when you run over a nail in your car.



This blog is meant to explain the how, where, and why of my own personal business journey (in a fun and easy way to read to boot!) and hopefully be a useful resource for those who have the wherewithal ( you know…the cojones) to take the leap. And for those business professionals who read this (and frown) I hope you take this blog as what it is meant to be (loosen up those ties mates!). A personal story of a hardworking young man unwilling to meet the status quo, to accept “good enough” as acceptable, and  a blog of someone who aims high to reach goals that are as numerous and as lofty as the stars themselves.

Thank you and feel free to post POSITIVE comments or questions.


-J.D. Brandon

CEO of Cartisements.com LLC